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Yes, it takes a village to raise a child. And it also takes a whole ecosystem to develop a project. This is why Bana has chosen unique collaborations, with partners who share the same values and ambitions. Discover them!

for the whole family


  • Multivitamin food supplements for children from 3 years old, teenagers and adults

  • To stock up on vitality in the morning

  • To support your natural defenses

  • Fruity taste, in syrup or to chew!

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1 free family pack of vitamins

for all our new members!

HappyKids plateforme activités scolaires trajets enfants

Catalog of children's activities

Happy Kids

  • Extracurricular activities  

  • Birthday parties

  • Course for school holidays

  • Animation

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The best children's activities close to home!

Medical information pouch


LifeCover sécurité trajets enfants
  • Your health information at your fingertips

  • Useful for all your travel

  • Reassuring and comforting for you and your loved ones

  • Belgian concept

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The pouch that can save lives!

LifeCover sécurité trajets enfants
LifeCover sécurité trajets enfants
partenaire mobilité enfants

Shuttle service

Sam drive

  •  Airport shuttles  

  • Support & help for Seniors

  • Night outings

  • Extracurricular shuttles

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Start it @KBC startup mobilité enfants


Start it @KBC

  • Coaching

  • Networking

  • Academy

  • Mentoring

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Cap Innove

  • Accompaniement

  • Coaching

  • Accommodation

  • Circular economy

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Cap Innove startup mobilité enfants
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