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Parents, just like you

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Nyota Delecourt

Mother of 2 children (2010 and 2023), Marketing profile, experience in Human Resources, Purchasing and Project Management. Sensitive to the well-being of families.

Generalist and jack of all trades, I am the mother of a teenager and a baby. I juggle with basketball practices, bottles and meetings.

I travel on foot for journeys of less than 15 minutes and by car for everything else.

I want to help creating a world where life as a parent is easier and where children grow up peacefully.



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Bernard Lambeau

Father of 3 children, IT profile, experience in platform development for mobility. Committed and sensitive to the environment.

Computer scientist and entrepreneur, I am above all a dad on foot, by bike, by bus, by train, by Cambio, on demand transport, but also by car.


I aim to know everything about mobility in Belgium, or, perhaps more realistically, to contribute to its improvement.


I am particularly interested in mobility in rural areas.


Our story

It's the story of a mother who thought she could handle everything...

Spoiler alert: She was wrong!

Histoire Bana

At the time, I was always in a hurry, stressed about arriving late at the office. When leaving the house, I had to drop my son off at school, drive through downtown, and then take the highway to work. Just 35 km to go, but door to door, during rush hour, it took me 1 hour.


Every morning, I woke up my oldest (who was only 6 years old at the time) and told him "Come on, hurry up, we're going to be late." And at the end of the day, it was the same thing. When I arrived at daycare, dropping him off at his activity, to do homework, to go to the shower... I kept asking him to hurry up. And I didn't really realize the pressure I was putting on him...

Until one day, one morning like any other, I go to wake him up so he can get ready for school. And there, he barely opens his tired little eyes and, in his little sleepy voice, asks me: “Are we late?”


The slap! My heart broke! I felt like the worst mother... That morning, I lay down next to him, held him in my arms and cuddled him for a long time before going to school. It was a really good time. Quality time like we want every day.


And yes, that morning I ended up being late! But it was worth it because that's the day everything changed...

Bana’s story was born from the desire to make a difference; to make life easier for parents and to create a fulfilling and peaceful environment for children.


Bana - which means "children" in Lingala, is a committed community that shares the same values, encourages mutual assistance between parents and promotes the well-being of children.

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