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The usual schoolrun, only better

Looking for or
offering a ride?

Logo Bana plateforme de covoiturage enfants Belgique

The mobile app that connects parents
who want to share the school run and commutes to other activities

Time saving

Find flexibility in your calendar and

time for you!




Save money

on the gazoline or

on your work time

Improve the air quality using alternative means of transport

Strengthen social connection and live moments of conviviality and sharing

Logo Bana solution pour les trajets des enfants en Belgique

Already in more than 55 cities in Belgium!

Looking for or
offering a ride?

Nos accompagnements se font via

tous les moyens de transport

Come on hurry up!

For most parents, it's often the stress
to arrive on time, to school or to activities.

Bana connects you with other parents, like you,
to share children's journeys.

Save time and regain your serenity.
Your children are accompanied in complete safety!

With other parents

“It takes a village to raise a child”
African proverb

This African proverb which advocates community parenting inspired the concept of Bana.


Imagined by a mother, Bana platform is based on a participatory system ; either money or time.


On one hand, parents who need help with their children's journeys and, on the other hand, parents who can help other families.

Using Bana is like asking a helping friend...  who understands us!

Aide trajets maison école enfants Belgique

According to a study conducted by the Family League,

8 out of 10 parents make chain trips every day*  

*nursery, school, work, children's activities...

In practice, this sometimes means having to reduce work time or give up activities. 
Today, Bana makes life easier for families, without compromising!
We help parents thrive AND children grow.

“Every time we make a choice, we give up something. For us or for our children.” 

Lulia, 42 years old, mother of 2 children

"Beyond 1 child, it becomes very challenging logistically." 

Céline, 33 years old, mother of 2 children

"Knowing that I'm going to be stuck in traffic makes me feel puffed up" 

Oren, 43 years old, father of 1 child

"It's always the stress of being on time and finding a parking space" 

André, 40 years old, father of 3 children

"Sometimes I wish I didn't have to stop everything in the middle of the day just to pick them up from school" 

Aline, 38 years old, mother of 2  children

" Managing work schedules around children's schedules or vice versa? Always the same dilemma... " 

Conor, 50, father of 2 children

Does this sound familiar to you too?

Logo transport scolaire Belgique

Accompany. Share. Grow.

Do you have questions about the price, the insurance, the safety? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page!

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